How a School-wide Reading Program Can Make a Difference

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic’s wide-spread aftermath, school communities have undergone massive changes. Schools are constantly seeking ways to reignite their students’ love of reading, especially in the wake of electronic learning and spending school hours on a screen. One of the most powerful initiatives that a school can undertake? A school-wide reading event, of course! 

An exciting reading adventure lies ahead: you can start by discovering the ways that an all school reading program like One School, One Book can make a difference with your students. 


Revive the Sense of Togetherness: 

The beauty of a One School, One Book reading event is that students in all grade levels will be reading the same book at the same time. Students are engaged with classroom activities based around the book. They’ll also participate in conversations about the book in the hallways, the lunchroom, and even on the bus ride home. Get your students on the literal same page and create a stronger, more inclusive school community by sharing a book together! 


Promote Literacy:

There is little doubt that the pandemic has disrupted students’ literacy achievements. According to the Nation’s Report Card, reading scores have declined at all selected percentiles since 2020, including for students who are middle- and higher-performing. One School, One Book offers the opportunity to ignite a passion for reading and literacy. Students can explore a multitude of elements about a book, including things like: plot structure, character development, and language composition. When you read aloud to kids, there’s also chance to discover new vocabulary and improve reading comprehension by dedicating time to discussing your book of choice. 


Inspire a Love for Books:

One School, One Book puts a book in the hands of a child that otherwise may not have picked one up. The stage is set for educators to introduce their most reluctant students to new worlds that broaden their imaginations. Read to Them’s curated list of titles, for instance, is filled with a wide-range of books that contain racial and disability diversity, STEAM, and even financial literacy. The shared excitement around one book is sure to foster a positive reading experience, laying the groundwork for students to explore other books independently. It only takes a single book to spark a life-long love of reading! 


Family Engagement: 

Not only does One School, One Book connect all students, it is also an innovative way to promote family engagement. The Scholastic Report found that 83% of surveyed children loved being read aloud to by a family member, because it meant time spent with their caregivers.  One School, One Book encourages families to read their selected title at home, both stoking the sense of community and serving as the foundation for turning reading into a daily habit. Read to Them provides at-home materials to support families who may not be as experienced with reading aloud, as well as a number of school-based activities that can keep the engagement going for the span of your event. To create an even more inclusive environment and further enhance the experience for your school community, you may want to consider selecting a title that’s available in Spanish. 

See what program is right for you and your school community by visiting the OUR PROGRAMS page on our website. 

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Have you ever participated in a One School, One Book program? If so, how did One School, One Book make a difference in your school? Let us know in the comments below. Happy reading! 


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