Our Work

Read to Them programs show schools and families the wide array of benefits that come from reading aloud together. A child’s positive relationship with literacy provides the basis for a lifetime of learning. Our school-wide reading programs support reading together at home and learning together at school by providing schools with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to create a culture of literacy in their community.

kids reading aloud to together - shared reading experience for early literacy skills development
teacher and student reading aloud together - building connections across families, schools, and communities


We use the power of reading aloud together to build connections across families, schools, and communities to cultivate students’ learning and success.


A culture of literacy in every community.

Our Impact

Since One School, One Book was launched in 2002, our family literacy programs have expanded to suit district and state-wide needs. It is our shared belief in the value of childhood literacy that has made each of these strides possible.

family literacy reading programs for schools - shared reading experience


have participated in Read to Them’s family literacy programs by reading aloud to their children each night.

guided reading activity programs for literacy skills development in schools and homes

All 50 states

have communities enriched by Read to Them programs, as well as 6 Canadian Provinces and 4 U.S. Army bases overseas.

one book, state reading programs for schools to build community literacy 2

3,000 Schools

(and counting) have celebrated the joy of sharing a book and reading together as a community.

guided reading program books for schools - basic, early literacy skills development


are available in Read to Them’s ever-growing catalog. With four categories ranging from early elementary to middle school, the title for your program is just a click away!