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Our books are shipped directly from the publishers to your school or district. Occasionally books are on backorder for a variety of reasons. Before you decide on a book for your program, please click here to review the most current list of backordered books and when they might be available.
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Questions about our Books?

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most frequently about the Read to Them book list. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at

Read to Them’s catalog of titles is divided into four audiences: Elementary/Trends Younger (shorter length, simpler themes), Elementary/Trends Older (longer length, more complex plots and themes), Elementary/Great for All (appropriate for Kindergarten through 5th grade), and Middle School (appropriate for grades 6-8).

The list of themes includes: Acceptance, Adventure, Animals, Bullying, Courage, Diversity, Environment, Financial Literacy, Fun, Friendship, Kindness, Resilience, STEM/STEAM, and Teamwork.

Read to Them’s Book Selection Committee is composed of two Read to Them staff members, one former Read to Them staff member, and five educators. Books under consideration are read and carefully vetted by each member of the committee. Every cycle is six months, with each period ultimately resulting in the addition of new titles that will delight both students and educators.

Titles containing content we know may be (or has been) sensitive for some communities are marked with asterisks. You will find the sensitive content banner on the left side of an individual book page, and can click for a PDF with specific sensitive content warnings to decide if that title is appropriate for your school.

It is the responsibility of each school or district to become familiar with ALL content in their selected title. Please read the book in its entirety before you purchase to ensure it is appropriate for your program. 

We are proud of the array of characters, themes, and styles offered by our curated titles – but we cannot be responsible for variations in interpretation across all school districts and communities that come together around one book. School personnel are much closer to their own communities and are best positioned to make informed decisions regarding their respective family literacy selections. 

Our team is prepared to inform and advise schools about potentially sensitive topics or themes in each title on our list. If you have questions about a particular title, please email us at

Yes! You are welcome to host a One School, One Book or a One District, One Book program over the summer. By having a summer reading program, you can keep your school community connected by reading one book together. This at-home program is supported by our standard suite of resources and is designed to be flexible to your families’ needs. We encourage you to select a title that has summer themes – like family, vacation, adventure and fun. We have put together a list of over thirty books that we think best embody summer’s essence: click here to view it.

If you’d like to receive our information brochure about implementing a successful, school-wide summer reading program in your school or district, please fill out our GET INFORMATION form by  clicking here.

A Picture Book Companion is an add-on that can expand the reach of your school-wide reading program when the chapter book might contain themes that are too complex for younger readers, especially your preschoolers. Now everyone can be included! This book even comes with its own set of resources similar to those for the chapter book. You can request to include the Picture Book Companion on the Request A Quote page when requesting a quote on one the chapter books below.  Picture Book Companions often have an up-charge that will be communicated to you on your quote.

Currently, we have six titles that have Picture Book Companions: 

Some titles in our catalog have a slight upcharge for one or more of the following reasons: the title is a premium selection, the title is only available in hardcover, or the title is in Spanish.

Are you looking to extend your reading program by including both your elementary and middle schools but need book suggestions appropriate for both audiences? Click here to see a list of elementary and middle school book pairings that offer books by the same author or books with similar themes. Contact your Read to Them representative to discuss your needs further. Or, email us at or call 1-804-367-3195. We are always happy to help you find just the right book – or books – for your students and families

Yes! On this form, you can suggest a book that could be a good fit for a school-wide reading program and our  staff will look into it.