How Does Read to Them Select Books?

Why read a book altogether? You can read a book by yourself, with your family, or with your class – but when you read a book with all your families and all your classrooms something different happens. What happens is conversations. Conversations in families, in classrooms and outside of classrooms. Conversations in the cafeteria and … Read more

Neihardt Elementary Makes Unforgettable Memories with OSOB!

OMAHA, NEBRASKA – Neihardt Elementary is located in Omaha, Nebraska and serves approximately 475 students across preschool through fifth grades. For the last four years, One School, One Book has not only been a staple of their school community, but a tradition families look forward to each year.  According to Lindsey Holes, the Math and … Read more

Join Us for National Poetry Month!

Each April, National Poetry Month presents an opportunity to celebrate the importance of poetry and the poets whose work enrich our lives. Like any creative genre, poetry includes a plethora of themes and terminology to introduce to students. Poetry also presents the wondrous chance to build a bridge between reluctant readers and a love of … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Fundraising Toolkit

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive concern how to secure funding for One School, One Book. Read to Them recognizes the challenges educators face when seeking funding for their reading programs, and aims to empower all applicants in their efforts to cultivate a love of reading among their community. We recently revamped … Read more

Get Your Community Involved in Your OSOB!

The excitement that comes with a One School, One Book reading program does not have to stay confined to your school! Some of the most common questions we get from new participants concern community engagement. Even returning schools are hungry for fun, engaging ways to get all corners of their community involved– and build bridges … Read more

How a School-wide Reading Program Can Make a Difference

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic’s wide-spread aftermath, school communities have undergone massive changes. Schools are constantly seeking ways to reignite their students’ love of reading, especially in the wake of electronic learning and spending school hours on a screen. One of the most powerful initiatives that a school can undertake? A school-wide … Read more

Celebrate These 2024 KidLit Events With Us!

Every year there are ample opportunities to celebrate the power and the value of literacy. Read to Them has taken the time to organize these events so you can mark your calendars in advance. Dive in below:   JANUARY 25th – Multicultural Children’s Book Day: Support the mission of raising awareness around children’s books that celebrate … Read more

Introductory Chapter Book Companions Have Arrived at Read to Them!

The magic of a One School, One Book program happens when every student is enjoying the same story across your school. For some of your families, however, the length or complexity of your chosen novel might make it hard for them to participate. To support these families, Read to Them has added five Introductory Chapter … Read more

Celebrate AAPI Month by Picking Up One of These Books! 

Each May, we observe Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Month. This month-long event celebrates the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. We’d like to take this opportunity to share five books that shine a spotlight on the experiences of … Read more

Books to Read During Financial Literacy Month!

As we arrive in April, we’re finally shaking off the chill of the colder months so spring can be ushered in. But we’re also stepping into Financial Literacy Month! We at Read to Them are longtime advocates of financial literacy, but you may be asking yourself: What is financial literacy? Financial literacy is the knowledge … Read more

Meg Medina Becomes the New National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature!

Meg Medina becomes the new ambassador for young people's literature

Earlier this week, it was announced that Meg Medina will serve as the Ambassador for Young People’s Literature for 2023-24! Medina is the first author of Latina heritage to serve as a National Ambassador in the program’s history.  Medina was raised in Queens, New York and now lives in Richmond, Virginia. Her career has spanned … Read more

Kimberly’s Corner

Kimberly Fehrs works on our Operations Team here at Read To Them, making sure that schools have just what they need for a successful school-wide reading event. At home, she has two elementary school-aged boys of her own and their family loves to read aloud together. We asked Kimberly to suggest some books from the … Read more

Read Aloud to a Child Week 2022 Theme Announcement

A mother and daughter share a laugh as they read a book under the caption "Read Aloud to a Child Week 2022 Theme Annoucement"

Every year during the last week of October, Read to Them sponsors Read Aloud to a Child Week, a national event to showcase the importance of reading aloud to children and to encourage families to read together. For over 20 years, Read Aloud to a Child Week has been a stress-free way for everyone to … Read more