Look Inside Read to Them’s Digital Resource Hub!

Read to Them is always on the lookout for resources to add to our creative program materialsall the stuff that will make your reading event interactive and fun. Over the past few months, Read to Them staff has worked to curate a plethora of supplemental digital resources to further enhance your reading experience— and you can find them all on the Digital Resource Hub.

The Digital Resource Hub, conceived and designed by Program Developer, Chloe Grant, houses materials for over forty Read to Them titles with additional titles loaded to the site monthly. Every book listed on the Digital Resource Hub is bolstered by several components: 

Chloe Grant and Oliver Perry provide a warm welcome to your Flipgrid community

Each book on the Digital Resource Hub has a Flipgrid community for students to engage with others who are currently reading along with them. Each week of the reading event includes discussion questions and a bonus activity that students can respond to via video or text. It’s a space for kids to guide the conversations surrounding their reading experience, all while granting students a creative outlet and delving deeper into the text. Don’t worry: when you arrive on the Flipgrid, there’s a welcome video filmed by Read to Them staff if you’re looking for the right place to start.

There are daily Kahoot! quizzes that correspond to the reading schedule. Each Kahoot! features 6 to 8 questions, allowing for a quick, entertaining trivia match in the classroom or at-home. We even put one together so you can have a little Kahoot! fun for yourself. Just click the link from your computer and join the game by typing the Game PIN in your phone – enjoy!  

The Digital Resource Hub also includes access to the #OneBookConnects blog. Here you will find posts for all past and future #OneBookConnects titles, including Character Spotlights that give you a glimpse into main and secondary characters for each #OneBookConnects selection, as well as exclusive author interviews and essays on major themes. Each week we close with a Friday Reconnect with bonus activities, discussion questions, and writing prompts. 

All you have to do is visit the Digital Resource Hub site and find the book your school is reading. While each book is password protected, the information you need to access these materials is available in the Activities file and in the Family Fun Pack that is shared prior to your reading event. 

Don’t see the book selected by your school on the Digital Resource Hub? Contact us at programs@readtothem.org so we can add the title to our line-up of working titles and create a full suite of Digital Resources for you!