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At Read to Them, we believe in the transformative power of reading aloud to children. However, we understand that hosting a school, district, or even state-wide reading event can seem daunting. That’s why our school reading programs are ready-made, flexible, and crafted with educators in mind.

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Setting Up

Whether you’re a new or returning school, laying the foundations for your educational reading program is essential. Follow these three steps as you prepare to join our community of readers:

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Choose program​

Discover which of our family literacy programs is the best fit for your school population. If you would like a digital copy of our Information brochure, please fill out the Get Information form.

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Browse Titles

Explore the 150+ available titles in our catalog. ​

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Request a quote

Select up to three titles and request a quote. You’ll hear back from us with pricing information, program information, and more.

Launch Your READING Program

Now that you’ve selected your program and title, it’s time to prepare for your school reading program. Below are three vital steps to preparing a successful literacy program:

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View resources

To view your school reading program resources, use your unique login credentials to access the Client Portal.

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Receive your books

Once your books have arrived, please count them to ensure you have the proper number. Doing this as soon as possible will give us time to solve any unanticipated issues.

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Launch your program

Kickoff your read by distributing books to your students, sharing classroom materials electronically with your teachers, and sending home family materials following your program launch.


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Eager to dive in? Take a look at your next steps:

General Info

For a deeper understanding of our mission and the impact we could make in your school community, visit Our Work.

Choose your program

Read to Them has reading programs for individual schools, districts, and states. Discover the reading event that best fits your needs.

Browse Books
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Check out the 150+ books available for your school reading program. Select up to three books to receive a quote.

Browse Resources & TOOLS

To view your school reading program resources, use your unique login credentials to access the Customer Portal. There you can view available tools, activities and active reading exercises.

Questions about our PROGRAMS?

Below, you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently about participating in a Read to Them program. If you need further information, please reach out to us at

Students read the book at home with their families while building the habit of reading aloud as a family. Students celebrate the book at school using engaging materials from Read to Them’s Book Resource Pages. This strategy builds a bridge between home and school and initiates conversations about the book in the cafeteria, on the playground, and at the dinner table. The program creates school-wide enthusiasm for literacy and increases family involvement. Families and classrooms will both ask: “What will next year’s book be?”

When you participate in a Read to Them program, you receive: 

    • One book per student and 5% more for your staff
    • Resources to help you successfully launch your reading program
    • Descriptions of the benefits of the program, how to get your  community  involved, and read-aloud tips for families
    • A title-specific Book Resource Page that includes a letter home to families, a reading schedule, kickoff assembly ideas, trivia questions, cross-curricular activities, discussion questions, vocabulary, and family reading activities
    • A PDF with links to exclusive author interviews and videos, Kahoots, and a Flipgrid community for your selected title

Read to Them programs fulfill the parental engagement requirement of Title I funding. We also have a Grant Writing toolkit available for client use. 

Depending on the length of your selected book, your reading event can be as short as 10 days (two school weeks) or as long as 20 days (four school weeks). Each book in our catalog comes with a reading schedule that can be edited to suit your needs.

Yes! Some schools read two or three books together in a year.