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We at Read to Them are so excited to share the four new fall titles that have been added to our catalog. We invite you to browse the blurbs for each book below, and hope that one – or more! – of these titles will be a fantastic future read aloud for your whole school community: 

Aven Green, Baking Machine book cover

Aven Green Baking Machine by Dusti Bowling

“But you know what’s one thing that’s definitely not required for being an expert baker? Having arms. That’s what.”

Aven Green is an expert baker and one funny kid. Not having arms doesn’t hold her back and she’s learned to navigate everything from cracking eggs to opening doors without them. Learning to navigate friendships is a little more tricky though. Journey with Aven as she learns to make milk barfi and tomato soup cake and how to be as good of a friend as she is a baker!

JD. and the Great Barber Battle - J. Dillard

J.D. and the Great Barber Battle by J. Dillard

“I took the clippers, looked in the mirror, and thought about how everyone would react once they saw my sick fade.”

When J.D.’s mom gives him a back-to-school haircut, things go terribly wrong. So, J.D. decides to take matters into his own hands – quite literally – and pretty soon he is cutting everyone’s hair and angering the local barber. What better way than a barber competition to see who gives the best haircuts in Meridian, Mississippi?  

Simon B. Rhymin' book cover

Simon B. Rhymin’ by Dwayne Reed

“It’s Simon Barnes here. But everybody calls me the Notorious D.O.G., because I might be little but I’ve got a loud bark. Okay, not true. Nobody calls me the Notorious D.O.G. yet.”  

Join Simon in the week leading up to delivering an oral presentation covering a timely topic. As he prepares, Simon shares fun, fast raps that help him find the courage to use his voice. He’ll even go as far as to help someone else’s voice be heard, offering readers an empathetic look into homelessness while proving it takes just one person to leave a lasting impact on an entire community. 

Some Places More than Others book cover

Some Places More Than Others by Renée Watson

“Some of these places I am still getting to know, some of these places I have known all my life. All these places made me, are making me.”

Come along with Amara as she ventures from her home in Oregon to her father’s hometown – Harlem. There she will meet her extended family and learn about the place where her father grew up – its art, music, culture, and food. As she hears Duke Ellington’s music, sees Faith Ringgold’s art, and eats family favorites like gumbo, she learns how a place can be foundational to who we are and who we become. 


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