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Stella Díaz Never Gives Up

Angela Dominguez








Environment & Conservation

Racial Diversity


The girl who charmed you in Stella Díaz Has Something to Say is back for more heartwarming fun. And you don’t have to read the first book to appreciate the second book of this series.  

If only I could do something big this summer, too.  

It’s the beginning of summer vacation and Stella is dejected. Stanley is going to NASA Space Camp, Jenny is going to dance camp, and Stella doesn’t have anything fun planned. That disappointment soon turns to elation as her summer becomes one to remember.  

I’ve never considered myself a leader. I’m shy and quiet, but maybe leaders can be both.  

Stella’s summer is filled with ocean-related fun, perfect for this ocean-loving girl. It starts with her first trip to the beach while visiting family in Oaxaca, Mexico. Stella is worried that her Spanish won’t be good enough to communicate, but she is quickly embraced by her family as she learns more about her culture. She even eats grasshoppers! 

The summer continues with an acceptance to a program at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium where she learns all about ocean animals and the dangers they face from humans. Her new camp friends and her old school friends join forces to form a conservation club – The Sea Musketeers.  

The summer ends as Stella and the Sea Musketeers host a bake sale to raise money and increase awareness about how we can all reduce plastics in the ocean. The biggest surprise for Stella?  Despite being quiet, she becomes a leader. Together with her friends and family, she can make a real difference.   

I thought I’d never say it, but I don’t want summer to end. I just feel like it’s only really started. Especially now that I have new friends and a group of my own.  

Angela Dominguez brings us a story of friendship, family, and activism that is brimming with honesty and heart. Stella navigates her changing relationship with her older brother and an expanding group of friends. And, after working so hard to find her voice in Stella Díaz Has Something to Say, she speaks up for her beloved ocean animals and helps others understand how they can help, too.  

Read Stella Díaz Never Gives Up with your school and take advantage of the opportunity to talk about conservation, activism, friendship, and leadership. Maybe Stella will inspire some of your students to start their own club for a cause they believe in, creating a new generation of leaders.  

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