Elementary: Great For All

Adventure According to Humphrey

Betty G. Birney




Read to Them schools can’t get enough of Humphrey, everyone’s favorite Golden Hamster. The delightful classroom pet manages to charm families and befriend students and school staff alike. Throughout his adventures, he learns life lessons and imparts his newfound wisdom to the whole community of Longfellow School.

In Adventure According to Humphrey, Humphrey yearns to go on an excursion with his class. He gets wind of some potential field trip ideas and longs to go along, too. Hop aboard with Humphrey and his friends at Longfellow School as they embark on a new quest with lessons on pirates, boats, and how to be a good friend.

As his class gets close to departing on their field trip, Humphrey starts to notice some changes in his friends. Gail seems upset when she and her mom cannot agree on design ideas (“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!”), and Richie doesn’t seem as upbeat as usual when Kirk starts taking over the building of their boat (“What a jerk. Kirk the jerk.”). Things get even stranger when Humphrey’s buddy, Aldo the custodian, starts speaking differently than Humphrey has ever heard. He starts speaking pirate speak: “I tell ye, me buckos, this pirate life agrees with me!”

Will Humphrey be able to help his friends find compromise? Will he ever figure out what’s going on with Aldo? And what will happen when the little hamster sets sail on his own voyage? Find out in Adventure According to Humphrey.

Schools and Districts that choose Adventure According to Humphrey will be able to create a new Aldo the Custodian monologue about adventure, pirates, and the struggles of kids collaborating.

As Ms. Mac says, “You can learn a lot about yourself by taking care of another species.” And as we say, you can learn even more from following the excellent moral example of Humphrey the hamster – everyone’s favorite adventurous friend.