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Rescue on the Oregon Trail

Kate Messner





Go west, readers, with Ranger in Time, Rescue on the Oregon Trail, a tale of determination, danger, and loyalty that will keep you on the edge of your wagon seat!

Ranger is a golden retriever who has been trained as a search-and-rescue dog, but he can’t pass the test because of his love for chasing squirrels. One day he finds a mysterious first aid kit in the family garden that transports him back to the 1850s during the days of the Oregon Trail. He meets a boy named Sam Abbott and begins traveling west with Sam’s family, helping them out with the many hardships they face along the way.

The Abbotts and the other families in their wagon train must deal with death, diseases, bad weather, buffalo stampedes, raging rivers, and problems with livestock.  They face these challenges with the courage and perseverance that helped stretch this country from sea to shining sea. Ranger is fiercely loyal to his adopted pioneer family, but he is anxious to return to his real family when his work on the Oregon Trail is through.  First, he must demonstrate that he truly is a search and rescue dog, despite his love of chasing squirrels.  In this exciting story, Ranger’s strength, intelligence, and compassion are a model for all readers.

The experiences of the pioneers in this book will lead to great discussion about how hard work can help you follow your dreams and the importance of being there for the people you love.

Young readers will thoroughly enjoy this historical fiction novel and find themselves wanting to read more of Ranger’s time travel adventures in the Ranger in Time series.

Oregon or Bust!

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