Cobb Imprint Sponsors Virginia School for a Third Year

Students at Crestview Elementary in Henrico, Virginia took part in the Virginia Reads One Book program this past March. They, along with 50 other elementary schools across the state, dove into the timeless pages of E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan. However, their participation in the program would not have been possible without Cobb Imprint’s support.

Cobb Imprint, the charitable arm of Cobb Technologies, has served as a Read to Them partner since 2019. With their goal to help children in their communities meet and exceed their education potential, Cobb Imprint was eager to aid Crestview Elementary in nurturing its culture of literacy. 

Noah Maphis, Director of Community Outreach at Cobb Technologies, explains that Cobb Imprint’s mission consists of three pillars.

“Promoting food and housing security, promoting wellness, and promoting education and literacy,” Maphis says. She goes on to add that, in their six years of serving communities, Cobb Imprint made a vital observation: “We have learned how important it is for children to have strong literacy skills from an early age.” 

Thanks to the generous donations from Cobb Imprint, Crestview Elementary has participated in three reading events between 2019 and 2021. 

Cobb Imprint works with Read to Them to ensure each student and staff member at Crestview Elementary receives a copy of their selected title, Maphis claims the community support does not end with a donation. 

“We get books out to the community in various ways,” she says. “By partnering with local schools to send students home with “book bags”, setting up reading libraries in after school programs, and providing other local organizations with book donations – such as Read to Them with their One School, One Book program.” 

Maphis is, above all, pleased to note that with every year and every read, participation at Crestview Elementary only grows.

“I know the program not only stimulates the students from an academic standpoint but gives them a sense of community with their peers and the school staff- which is invaluable. We are so honored that we can be a part of that bonding experience.” 

Looking ahead, Maphis hopes she and other members of the Cobb Technologies team can visit Crestview Elementary. All parties are eager to be in a place where books can be distributed in-person and volunteers can read with students again.



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