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Elementary: Great For All

The Lemonade War

Jacqueline Davies

Financial Literacy




“Can’t keep up. Can’t keep up.”

Jessie Treski wants to keep up with her older brother. She’s really good with numbers, math, and, as it turns out, business. But she’s less sure of the social sense that allows her to understand how others react to her intelligence and her drive, including her classmates and her older brother, Evan. As much as he loves her, Evan bristles at his sister’s creativity and energy and non-stop persistence. Most of all, he doesn’t care for the notion that Jessie may skip a grade and join him in the 4th grade.

“No kid could earn a hundred dollars in just five days by selling lemonade.”

Everything changes when the siblings set out to see who can make the most money selling lemonade in the waning days of summer. Evan and Jessie duke it out over supplies and advertising and marketing techniques, finding allies and trying ever more daring strategies to win the contest. The Lemonade War provides an excellent opportunity to learn elementary principles of economics and financial literacy along with the Treski kids. How to boost your lemonade stand sales? Location, location, location! Students learn this concept, not from a dry economics video, but from the witty, snarky lived experience of Jessie and Evan. And, the competition makes for a lively and brisk shared reading experience that always engages both students and parents.

“I’ve never seen so much money in my life!”

The dynamic between this sibling duo forms the backdrop to Jacqueline Davies’s perceptive yet sensitive The Lemonade War. Year after year, it remains one of Read to Them’s most popular books for its fun strory, family insights, and financial literacy concepts. Get ready to break out your dueling lemonade stands. A competition is on the horizon!

Additional Features

  • Includes Financial Literacy resources

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