by Henry Cole (2016)

A Sweet Spot selection.

“Sometimes the things we want and the things we love get tangled up in our hearts like bramble when we try to do what’s right.”

This poetic and meaningful notion encapsulates the adventures in the novel, Brambleheart, written and illustrated by Henry Cole.  Sometimes it is hard to choose between the things we want and the things we love.  It is difficult to always do the right thing.

These simple yet poignant issues will resonate with families as they read the tale of Twig, a chipmunk who is desperately trying to find his way and determine his future in Hill society.  Fellow animal friends seem to have such skills and prowess, but Twig just isn’t sure what path is best for him.

Luckily, Twig has a loving family and great friends to support him.  Twig finds an unlikely new friend and eventually discovers what it means to put others first.  Twig, the charming chipmunk, learns to stay positive and true to himself despite the demanding Hill society.  He risks it all for the safety of his new friend – and makes even more friends along the way.

We have all experienced times when our heart felt like it was in brambles.  When you read Brambleheart together, we invite you to discuss how faith in oneself and the love of family and friends can help steer one in the right direction.  Twig’s story will help young readers develop faith in their decisions on how to become anything they want to be.  It is sure to inspire individuality, teamwork, forgiveness, and friendship.

Author/Illustrator Henry Cole combines his talents for beautiful prose and artwork to create a powerful story that will connect with both children and adults.  Cole’s characters ring true and his inviting style will draw readers in and have them rooting for Twig, supporting him in his adventurous path of discovery.