Almost Super

by Marion Jensen (2014)

A Sweet Spot selection. 

Want to be a part of a superhero family?   Battle for your family’s honor against your arch rivals?  Gain your destined super power at age twelve?   Sounds great?  What if your superhero powers turn out to be, well, lame?  For brothers, Rafter and Benny, the glory and the gusto get a little dusty and discouraging.  To solve the mystery of their useless powers they must discover how super they really are.

Rafter and Benny are more than excited to receive their long-awaited super powers and join their super hero family in fighting crime and foiling enemies, especially their nemesis, the Johnson family.  When the powers bestowed on them turn out to be downright ridiculous, the brothers must find a way to prove themselves super.  They learn to think for themselves and question the status quo.  They are able to look past the minor battles to see that their city is in real jeopardy.  With their strength, courage, and determination, Rafter and Benny really do save the day.

Marion Jensen presents a witty, exciting saga of two middle-grade brothers.  Jensen’s lively and action-packed storytelling engages readers from page one.  Jensen taps into the comic awkwardness that is middle school and, of course, hijinks follow.  A seemingly simple story ends up revealing lessons below the surface.

Almost Super is a great read for families to learn and discuss what truly makes a person “super.”  Trust, respect, kindness, creativity, understanding, and forgiveness turn out to be stronger than breathing fire or shooting water out of your hands.  Families can share in this fantastic adventure that encourages love, realizing your full potential, and being the best that you can be.