How We Built Read to Them One Book at a Time


Read to Them is a national nonprofit whose mission is to…

Create a Culture of Literacy in Every Home.

We want to help make every home a place where reading happens regularly – where families read together – where students grow up to be healthy, regular readers – a place where books are present and shared and talked about in the home.

We do that through our unique family literacy programs.

We show schools how to choose a single high quality children’s novel and send a copy home to EVERY student and family in the school – that’s right, K through 5.

We ask families to read that novel together at a home following a common reading schedule.

And then in school, students use Read to Them resources and materials to explore and celebrate that novel together.

Our family literacy programs are different than other school-based literacy programs because we use full fledged children’s novels – not picture books, families all read the same title – the titles are not grade specific, and the reading is done together at home – not at school.

By choosing a common title, we are able to create a true community experience – one that unites a school, sparks parental involvement, and reaches out and connects the wider community – local businesses, civic organizations, municipal institutions – connects them to the school and their families.

Read to Them is here to curate our ever growing list of recommended titles – we have nearly 150 now! – and provide schools with the guidance and resources to execute an ambitious month-long reading event.

The result is a community wide conversation all celebrating a book!

Schools are empowered because families are engaged.

Students become better and stronger readers – more capable academically and thus more likely to graduate.

And communities share the joy of reading and the opportunity to connect with and animate their schools.

That’s how Read to Them creates a culture of literacy in every home!


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