Read Aloud to a Child Week 2022 Theme Announcement

A mother and daughter share a laugh as they read a book under the caption "Read Aloud to a Child Week 2022 Theme Annoucement"

Every year during the last week of October, Read to Them sponsors Read Aloud to a Child Week, a national event to showcase the importance of reading aloud to children and to encourage families to read together. For over 20 years, Read Aloud to a Child Week has been a stress-free way for everyone to … Read more

Zetta Elliott and Thomas Taylor Meet Us at The Lamp-Post

at the Lamp- Post - with Zetta Elliot and Thomas Taylor

We can’t get enough Fantasy in August at The Lamp-Post.   We learned so much from the authors of the Upside Down Magic series about building a magical school world.  After reading and writing about books based in two other very different magical worlds – Brooklyn and Eerie-on-Sea – we were delighted to have the chance … Read more