4 Years of One School, One Book at T. Baldwin Demarest

Kids showing off new books

Since their inaugural program in 2018, the staff at T. Baldwin Demarest Elementary in New Jersey considers One School, One Book to be one of the highlights of their year. With each book, it becomes easier to find ways to ensure their program remains fresh and fun for students. “The program grows each year,” says … Read more

Advocates, and Other Tools for Deeper Understanding 

At the Lamp-Post

You’ve probably never sat down, scratched your head, and said, “You know what I ought to do? Look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.” If you have, you were probably pretty certain that you’re already checking off all five boxes, but you might be surprised. Because smack-dab in the middle of that color-coded pyramid, is the … Read more

Sharon M. Draper and Elana K. Arnold Meet Us at The Lamp-Post

At the Lamp Post

Join us at The Lamp-Post as we discuss understanding with Elana K. Arnold (A Boy Called Bat) and Sharon M. Draper (Out of My Mind). In this reflective and personal conversation, we learn how both authors approach their storytelling as a vehicle for readers to find their own meaning, rather than teaching a planned lesson. There … Read more