Read to Them Supers on the Radio


Here’s the Education Talk Radio Interview featuring…


Mary-Margaret Zehr, Assistant Superintendent, Watertown NY

Dr. Jose Parra, Superintendent, Irving TX ISD

Gary Anderson, Read to Them founder and Director of One District, One Book


Some Highlights…


“Our teachers were aching for reading a book, just for the sake of reading a book – and having fun with it.”  (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“We were dying to find a way to engage parents…” (Dr. José Parra)

“We tried to connect every family – to every place a family might be.” (Dr. José Parra)

“I forgot how much I loved reading with my family.” (Watertown parent)

“Our Family Reading Night was packed – and all because of a book.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“We went from 8% to 56% – parents reporting kids read books regularly – because of One District, One Book.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“We’re trying to promote a culture of literacy, a culture of reading. We want to help parents engage with their children…where they can share an experience over the course of three weeks – every night.” (Dr. José Parra)

“We all talk about parent engagement, but we don’t know how to get parents engaged. Parents want to be helpful. We just have to show them how. One District, One Book has given us a mechanism to show parents how they can work with their kids, and help, and have it be an enjoyable experience.” (Dr. José Parra)

“We would often have high school kids reading to their younger siblings. One District, One Book was a great way to have more of a family experience.” (Dr. José Parra)

“We created a video series of local celebrities reading the chapters. The Secretary of the Army, one of the generals at Fort Drum, Commissioner King (Secretary of Education for New York)… We had our police chief read. We even had the firemen read in front of one of their truck.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“Families tell me: ‘I got my family back. I lost ‘em to the screen. Now, every night we all look forward to reading the next chapter together. One District, One Book helped me get ‘em back’.” (Gary Anderson)

“It was really easy to capture our teachers, too. They loved it. They were behind One District, One Book form the get-go.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“Gary gave me ideas about talking to local restaurants. If kids can answer a trivia question from the book, they’ll give out a free dessert or a free drink.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“For so long I heard in education presentations to ‘work smarter not harder’ but they never told us how to do it.  One District, One Book showed us how to do it.” (Dr. José Parra)

“My son and I really enjoyed reading the adventures of Humphrey. We’re both sad we reached the end. There are several Humphrey books now on his Christmas list. It was something we did as a family every night – and loved.” (Texas parent)

One District, One Book is probably the best hands down program I’ve ever done in 21 years of being in the New York state educational system.” (Mary-Margaret Zehr)

“Once you do it. It hooks your community. Once you create a community of readers, you’ll see a change in your district. Just do it!” (Gary Anderson)



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