Read Aloud to a Child Week

Every year during the last week of October, Read to Them sponsors Read Aloud to a Child Week, a national event to showcase the importance of reading aloud to children
and to encourage families to read together.

The 2023 event will run from October 22nd – 28th.
Be sure to mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss it!

For 20 years, Read Aloud to a Child Week has been a stress-free way for everyone to engage with the literacy community. To participate, all you need to do is pick up a book and read it aloud as a family. With Read to Them curating book lists for picture and chapter books, it’s even easier to dive into stories that enrich the selected theme.


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Read Aloud to a Child Week 2023 Theme Contest!

You have the opportunity to choose the theme for this year’s Read Aloud to a Child Week celebration. Below, you will find the three themes that are up for consideration. 

Select the theme that most interests you, and click to submit your choice. Be sure to keep an eye out for the 2023 theme announcement
coming in October!

Benefits of Reading Aloud Together

Literacy has a significant impact on a child’s future success inside and outside the classroom. It is never too late to start reading aloud to the children in your life. Whether they are just entering kindergarten or well into their middle school years, there are a multitude of values to reading aloud:


Increase vocabulary

Sharing books with your child exposes them to hear words they likely wouldn’t hear on TV or in conversation, allowing them to build their vocabulary.


Strengthen family bonds

Reading aloud is a highly interactive experience, allowing for a partnership between reader and listener while fueling a strong bond within families.


Develop a positive relationship with reading

When you select books that are
fun for the whole family, children are more likely to associate positive feelings with reading and learning.


Create better listeners

As you read aloud to your child, you are pouring sounds and syllables into their ears, enabling them to develop greater language and listening skills.


Build empathy and understanding

Reading books aloud with your child allows them to see other perspectives, to learn more about themselves, and to experience worlds they might not access otherwise. 


Provide a role model

By consistently reading aloud with your family, you can instill reading as an integral part of your child’s life.