We’d love to have you join our community of readers.
We’ve helped hundreds of schools implement One School, One Book.
We’re here to share our resources and expertise.
When you participate, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Guides and resources to plan your One School, One Book reading event.
  • Resource packets tailored to each of our titles, including…
    • letter home to parents
    • reading schedules
    • complete trivia bank with answer key
    • suggested activities
    • assembly ideas and scripts
    • documents in Spanish
    • Vocabulary (upon request)
    • Reproducibles (for some titles)
  • Books for all your students, staff, and community
  • Tips on reading aloud, including sample audio files
  • Family literacy supplements for parents
  • Support and assistance from accessible and energetic Read to Them personnel



Here is all you need to do…Request information and our Query Packet here: Query FormYou can also submit a Pre-Order, requesting an Estimate for one or more title, here:
Pre-Order Form

Just in case,  you can also send any questions or an e-mail to: programs@readtothem.org



You’ll receive an introductory packet which will help explain One School, One Book in more detail. It will also contain resources, sample materials including our recommended Book List, and other documents that will help you explain and showcase One School, One Book to your colleagues in your school. Digest the material in the packet, then write or call us back. We will answer all your questions and negotiate your entry in the the One School, One Book community of readers. We can help tailor the program to suit your needs, provide resources, tips and guides to help explain the program to teachers and parents, and share more resources specific to your book selection.

Careful: Be sure not to acquire your books without talking to Read to Them first.  One School, One Book offers you a program entire – books, materials, support – for a single packaged price – including free books for faculty!