Our recommended titles are now divided into five categories. These categories are a first look guide to help you navigate the ever-growing list. Many schools that read two or three books together in a given calendar year will read books from more than one or even all three categories.

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Choose from our Five Categories:

These books are shorter or slighter - 90 to 120 pages - and can be read in two weeks. They are especially well suited to schools looking for a less intimidating book to introduce to a less experienced parent population. Some of these titles are old chestnuts; some are new and contemporary. All of them rely on high quality, stimulating prose and characters and scenarios that will reliably engage and enrich your students, families, and classrooms.

The bread and butter of One School, One Book, books that can magically be enjoyed by a broad range of students K-5. 150-225 pages. Usually read in 3 or 4 weeks. Books that can reliably engage and absorb a 1st grader, yet still interest and surprise a 5th grader. These titles - old and new - are the heart of One School, One Book. Here you will find the greatest variety of protagonists, settings, and themes.

Titles that are a little richer, a little longer, a little more complicated. 175-250 pages. These books always take four weeks to read. Because they are often a little more demanding thematically, they are also sometimes read by Middle Schools. Still, many experienced elementary schools have shared these titles with their entire population.

Be advised that due to publishing variations with Spanish editions Read to Them may
need an additional month of lead time to process orders that include Spanish titles.