One School, One Book for MIDDLE SCHOOLS is just like the OSOB you’re used to for all schools. You choose a single title. You send it home for students and families to share and read at home together. And you explore and celebrate the book in school with supplementary activities.

What’s different about OSOB for MIDDLE SCHOOLS?

1) Most middle schoolers are unlikely to sit still to read an entire book with their parents. But you can still invite them to share some of the book together. Ask students to read a chapter out loud while a parent is making dinner.

2) Schools will likely choose a Middle School title for one of two reasons: As a ‘remedial’ read for a student body perceived to be under-performing readers. Or you’ll select a title because of its thematic content – titles that address timely or timeless themes in the lives and developing identities of Middle School students. We’ve provided titles that enable both these possibilities – with an emphasis on adding more thematic titles.

3)  You still get the same packet of materials for each title – including assembly ideas and trivia questions. But we’ve created and added supplementary material directly addressed to Middle School audiences: Discussion Questions, a whole new set of Activities targeted at Middle Schoolers, and Role Playing ideas and games designed to help MS students explore characters and scenarios and ethical questions interactively.

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Here’s how you can get more information…

Request a Query Packet here: Query Packet

You’ll receive a thorough FAQ and a robust set of sample documents explaining the nuts and bolts of OSOB for MS.

You can also send us a Pre-Order Form for one or more titles here: Pre-Order Form

You’ll receive an Estimate in no time at all.

You can always send a plain old e-mail query with any questions about OSOB for MS to: programs@readtothem.org

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