Welcome to Watertown, N.Y., the pioneer for Read to Them’s “Year Round Reader” implementation of One District, One Book.  Six schools in Watertown will read three books in 2014 – starting with Betty Birney’s The World According to Humphrey and Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain.  Under the guidance and leadership of Assistant Superintendent, Mary Margaret-Zehr, Read to Them is bringing the culture of literacy to 2500 families in Watertown.  Ms. Zehr has been tireless in currying and building local support for their One District, One Book initiative – rallying support and publicity from local print, radio, and television outlets.  With support from the Cornell School of Continuing Education, assistant Jessica Stearns organized a family literacy night – complete with details and artifacts from Humphrey and My Side of the Mountain – that participants called “the most successful school community event in recent memory.”  Explore the links and resources below to see how they did it and see what they’re experiencing in Watertown – an entire community of readers.  “When a whole district reads a book, there’s a lot to talk about.”  And they get to do it all again in the fall!  Stay tuned.

Explore Watertown’s One District, One Book experience:

What They’re Reading

  K – 4

5 – 6

One District, One Book Begins in Watertown


Original Source: One District, One Book Begins in Watertown

One District, One Book: A Progress Report


Original Source: One District, One Book: A Progress Report