Who Wants To Be Partners?

I am betting that you share our mission…

To create a culture of literacy in every home.

I am betting that you to want to inspire, create, enable, and empower a new generation of readers – reaching students through their schools and in their family homes.

I am betting that you, too, want literate, capable, reflective, cosmopolitan citizens.

And I am asking that you join with us – Read to Them – to help make that possible.

If you are a local business – we want you to support your local schools when they do our family reading programs.  We want your staff to know and care about the book your community is reading.  We want you to post or share or even host community events that celebrate that book.  We want the children and students at your schools to know that the community happens at your business.

If you are a philanthropist – we want you to know about our mission – to Create a Culture of Literacy in Every Home – and our strategy – to Surround a Child with Literacy – and our family literacy programs –  like One School, One Book.  When your goals align with our goals – we want your help and support.  But we also want to be your partner.  Let’s scratch both backs in mutual admiration – by getting families reading together.

If you’re another non-profit – especially a complementary literacy program – let’s complement each other.  Let’s become partners.  If you focus on early childhood and perhaps picture books, know that we focus on school-age children – elementary and middle.  If you support school-based interventions, know that we reach into the home and increase parental engagement, which I am sure will augment and support your aims.  We don’t compete.  We’re natural partners!

If you’re another non-profit, but not a literacy program, we can still be a match.  If you’re after improving health, family dynamics, empowering dis-empowered youth, or all about instilling healthy values for employment or citizenship – so are we!  Literate students become literate citizens.  We can help each other.

If you’re an author or represent authors….

If you’re a library or university…

Or any kind of educator…

If you’re a publisher…

Then you ought to know that at Read to Them, we create readers.  Lifetime, life-long readers.  We are the reading program with legs.  Our students, by developing their love of books in the bosom of the home, will become the very parents who will share that love of books with their children – the most organic way of passing on the habit of reading together.

We’re your natural partners as you find and create readers, too.  Lend us your expertise – and we will deliver readers to your doorsteps.

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface because, in truth, everyone is invested in our students growing into and becoming literate citizens. We all benefit from that investment if capable readers who graduate become capable students and capable employees and successful citizens.

Professional sports teams and their representatives thrive on giving back to their communities and often support literacy initiatives – and some have supported us.

Look at your own mission and goals, and when you see how they align with our mission, strategy, and goals – please – reach out to us. And let us discover and explore our natural partnership!

When you do, you will help us all create the literate citizens of our future.

Thank You to Our Partners!