In the Grocery Store

You can find new words together at the grocery store. Include your children
in the choices you make. Keep your cell phone out of sight. Talk to your child.
Make eye contact with your child. Children respond to your voice tone
and facial gestures.

(for children 0-3 years old)

(for children 3-5 years old)

(for children 5-9 years old)

Cooking Together

Cooking together can teach your child new words – and develop life skills. Everyone
needs to eat! Cooking involves steps, ingredients, cooking equipment, and
techniques. You can teach all of these things to your child – and teach them new words!

Explain the steps. Review the ingredients. Show them the right spoon or pan you’re
using to cook. Explain the different steps: chopping, stirring, pouring, baking, etc.

Let them try!

(For Older Children)

Doing Laundry

Doing laundry together can be fun. It allows children to contribute to the family. They can also learn about routines, order, responsibility, and more. And it gives them new words! The key is to break the task into steps that match your child’s ability. Let your child see what you are doing. Invite them to help. Let them participate.

Talk, show, praise. Talk some more.

(For Younger Children)

(For Older Children)

Find New Words Every Day

Pumping gas, reading a map, doing household repairs, reading a bus schedule, checking the sports scores… Use your imagination!