What's included?

– Hard copies of books, if you are able to distribute them

– Live video recordings of each chapter, available for you to follow along at home via @onerichmondonebook on Instagram and Facebook

– A Family Resources Packet that includes daily activities, discussion questions, reading calendar, and program calendar

– Access to a Richmond contest that promotes fun, interactive learning and creativity both in the home and online through special activities and a points system

– Support from Read to Them staff

How Schools Participate

All Richmond elementary schools are automatically up for participation. All 26 elementary schools and over 13,000 students receive all books, materials, and resources free of cost.

Additional ways schools can participate are:

– by documenting the program with your student with photos

– Requesting volunteers to pop into your virtual classroom to read or lead an activity

– Signing up to do a live reading or lead an activity

– Assist in keeping families engaged and continue reading

– Signing interested students up for our student-to-student Pen Pal Program

– Taking our pre and post-program educator survey

How Families Participate

Families will receive a copy of the book, along with supplemental resources free of cost. Families can participate by:

– Tuning in to our live chapter readings, and activities

– Submitting trivia answers

– Signing up for predetermined volunteer-led activities

– Allowing willing students to participate in our Pen Pal Program

– Staying engaged and following the reading schedule

– Taking our pre and post-program family survey