Imagine all 26 elementary schools excited about reading the same book together at the same time!

Imagine community members, civic organizations, local businesses and the entire community joining in!

That’s One Richmond, One Book!

One Richmond, One Book is an inclusive city-wide reading event.  All elementary students to participate.  All 26 elementary schools in the Richmond Public School system are fully sponsored and receive program materials, activities, and complimentary books for every child.

One Richmond, One Book includes supportive, supplemental program initiatives including in-school assembly skits,  after-school reading programs, and sponsored family literacy nights.

One Richmond, One Book will deliver fun, educational, and engaging literacy based activities for all the children of Richmond.

In October, students, students, families, and schools will read The Lemonade Crime, by Jacqueline Davies.

The Lemonade Crime is the second of five titles in the Lemonade War series.  Many RPS students will already be familiar with the main characters – Evan and Jessie Treski – from the first volume, The Lemonade War.

In The Lemonade Crime, Evan is distressed that a classmate has stolen the money he saved up selling lemonade over the summer. Jesse resolves to find out the truth via a student-led trial. Through The Lemonade Crime, students, schools, and families can learn the details and rudiments of the American justice system via this student-led jury trial.

All of Richmond will celebrate reading together under the slogan “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Lemonade.”

In the spring, RPS schools will join the rest of Virginia to read The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill.

This spring title will allow Richmond students, families, and schools to explore what we call Family Financial Literacy.

Rufus Mayflower is the budding entrepreneur at the heart of The Toothpaste Millionaire. Students will see Rufus solve problems to see his business grow. At home and in school they will explore some of the fundamental principles of financial literacy with their families and classmates.

Read to Them will recruit area personalities and local entrepreneurs to explain, exemplify, and reinforce the importance of learning these fundamental principles, all by reading a classic children’s novel – together.

Want to volunteer?

RTT volunteers help bring the magic of OROB into the schools.

You can help by…

Reading to children in schools.

Bringing life to in-school activities.

Designing and illustrating in-school displays.

Delivering necessary materials and resources to schools.


Please e-mail TaLees Owens at for more information.

If you would like to be a community partner, sponsor, or participant in One Richmond, One Book, please contact:

TaLees Owens at