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We hope you are excited to dive into Judy Moody Was in a Mood by Megan McDonald! To add even more fun to your reading experience, you can find a variety of materials that will help you connect with the book and author, as well as tips to make reading aloud as a family a habit long after your program has finished. Happy reading!

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family fun packs

Add even more fun to your family read aloud by diving into trivia, discussion questions, and activities each week of your States Read One Book program. There’s even a bingo card with bonus activities! 

Judy Moody Stars
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Judy Moody Family Fun Pack

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Judy Moody Family Fun Pack - Spanish

Judy Moody Stars
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Triple Pet Trouble Family Fun Pack

Author Videos

As you settle into your States Read One Book program, take the time to meet Megan McDonald, the author of Judy Moody. Below, you’ll find welcome videos for both Judy Moody Was in a Mood and Triple Pet Trouble, as well as an exclusive interview with Ms. McDonald. Enjoy!

Judy Moody Was in a Mood Welcome Video

Triple Pet Trouble Welcome Video

Megan McDonald Interview

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Judy Cat
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Judy Page Mecollage

Judy Moody illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds

building a family read aloud habit

Now that you’ve seen how special sharing a book can be, here are some tips to make reading aloud a household habit.

  • Once your family read-aloud is finished, share it with a friend and ask for their recommendations. 
  •  The more you talk about books, the more you’ll learn about. Soon your To-Be-Read pile will be stacked high with new adventures.
  • This includes: picture books, novels, nonfiction, biographies, comics, graphic novels, audiobooks, e-books, magazines, newspapers, even the back of the cereal box!
  • By reading lots of different books, you’ll find the stories your family loves to share together.
  • Don’t be afraid to put a book down. Really! If it isn’t the right fit for your family, there are plenty of other books to discover.
  • Pull out a book instead of a phone or tablet to pass time when you are waiting together. Audiobooks are great for the car, and comics are easy to carry.
  • Try reading at bedtime, at breakfast, after school, or even during bath time. 
  • If you loved Megan McDonald’s characters, there are plenty of books about Judy and Stink to explore.
  • You can also find similar authors and books by checking out our Next Book Connections in the Family Fun Packs.
  • Or go in a completely different direction. Jump into a fantasy graphic novel or some narrative nonfiction. You could even try checking out a stack of picture books and read through them together.
  • Get library cards for the whole family – the more cards you have, the more resources you can enjoy.
  • Make friends with the library staff. They love to help families explore all the library has to offer.


After your family has read Judy Moody Was in a Mood, let us know what you thought of the program!
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