Incorporate Reading Aloud into Your Child’s Spring Break! 

Kids across the country are likely buzzing about in their classrooms, ready to take on all the fun that Spring Break has to offer. Whether you’re pitching a tent, hitting the beach, or simply lounging in your backyard, it can be incredibly easy to incorporate reading aloud into your Spring Break. 

Wondering how you might get started? Don’t worry– we’re here to help at every step of your journey: 


Let your child pick the book It’s important to give your child the opportunity to pick the book they want to read. Reluctant readers will further shun the idea of reading if they’re forced to read books that don’t interest them. Giving your little child the freedom to pick books that bolster their interests is a surefire way to ensure they read more in the future. 

Check out our reading list – If you’d like a place to start your book search, Read to Them offers a broad range of over 150 titles for children pre-K through middle school. You can filter our books using the thematic categories on the left hand side of the Browse Titles page. 

Take a trip to the library Your public library is a wealth of both physical and digital resources. Libraries are free to use and are widely accessible if you have a library card. (And if you don’t, the process to get one is quick and easy.) When you take your visit, don’t be afraid to stop at the help desk – librarians are more than eager to point you toward the children’s section or help your child find books they’ll enjoy while also being age-appropriate. 


Take advantage of your togetherness – Not all of Spring Break is going to be on the go, so when there’s downtime, don’t waste it. You can read a chapter when you pull off at a rest stop to stretch your legs. You can continue your story after those dinner leftovers have been put away. You can even read around a crackling campfire! 

Read in the Car If you’re going on a trip, you’ll likely be on the road for a few hours. Put a pause on the license plate game and have your adult passenger read a chapter aloud for the whole car. If your child is old enough, you could even encourage them to read the next chapter aloud. 

Make it fun! – A reluctant reader isn’t likely to take the initiative to read on their own, especially if they see reading as an extension of the classroom. Some simple ways to make your reading experience enjoyable are: add silly voices to your reading, encourage your child to ask questions, and vary your pacing as you read. 


Set aside a regular timeOne common hurdle that families face when trying to incorporate reading aloud into their routines is lack of time. Finding opportunities to read aloud with your child can be a struggle, especially when you’re on the go. Once Spring Break has passed, consider places in your schedule where reading aloud can be added to your daily routine. 

Don’t be hard on yourself – Many parents shy away from reading aloud because they lack confidence or find it intimidating. Reading aloud is not meant to be a chore. It’s about sharing stories, and embracing the togetherness that comes from diving into a book with someone you love. 

Spring Break may only last a week, but you can use these tips to establish healthy reading habits that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions or would like further guidance, please feel free to reach out to us at Remember– we’re here to help. Happy reading! 

What books do you plan to read with your child over Spring Break? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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