One School, One Book, Chocolate Fun!

Jessica Sarver from Madison School writes,
“We just finished our One School, One Book project, and it was a huge success!  I would love to share some of the highlights with you!  You can also see the video summary of our project here.

To kickoff our project, we had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Assembly.  You can see pictures from our assembly here.  Some of the highlights: Students received their books wrapped as “Waverly Bars” (our school name).  Students with a golden ticket in the back of their books were picked to play games. Our Superintendent came dressed as Willy Wonka, and brought the Assistant Superintendent and Director of Technology as Oompa Loompas. We read as a school, and played 4 Willy Wonka themed games (lickable wallpaper, blueberry squeeze, chocolate pie, and bad egg). During the month of October, we used the trivia you provided each morning and also took the Roald Dahl Character quiz at  We graphed the staff and student results of this quiz.

Our public library hid golden tickets in some of their books, too!

After we were finished reading the book as a school, we had a family movie night to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Word Nutrition

The state of Georgia is pioneering a program which combines health and education. Unlike most such programs, this seems to address problems at their source:

“The single-best predictor of a child’s aca­dem­ic suc­cess is not parental edu­ca­tion or so­cioeco­nom­ic status, but rather the qual­ity and quantity of the words that a baby hears dur­ing his or her first three years.”

“Chil­dren with more words do bet­ter in school. Adults who were good stu­dents and earned a col­lege de­gree have longer life ex­pect­an­cies. They are at a lower risk for hy­per­ten­sion, de­pres­sion, and sleep prob­lems. They are less likely to be smokers and to be obese.”

Original Source: Why Boosting Poor Children’s Vocabulary Is Important for Public Health

Robeson Elementary OSOB 2.0

Robeson Elementary in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania is about to begin it’s second year participating in One School, One Book. Take a few moments to watch highlights from their first year participating!