Winter According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney (2012)

A Sweet Spot selection. 

Put on your mittens, hats, and snow boots and prepare to experience the exciting, sweet tale that is Betty G. Birney’s Winter According to Humphrey. In this 9th installment in the Humphrey series, everyone’s favorite hamster and his classroom friends (including his best pal, Og the frog) learn about different wintertime holidays and traditions. You can join along with the countless other schools who have loved the Humphrey series, too!

The Winter Wonderland performance is only a few weeks away, and Humphrey and his pals must work together to put on the show of the century, complete with jingle horses, snowflakes, and…a surprise guest?! It’s the best way to close out a wintery school semester and get ready for a fun, family-filled, holiday season.

Don’t think for a second that the holidays will deter Humphrey from his usual shenanigans.  A brand-new season brings a plethora of interesting, unfamiliar things that Humphrey just has to investigate. For example, what’s a dreidel?  And what good is knowing how to open your cage if you don’t sneak out and explore every once in a while?!

Winter According to Humphrey will resonate with students, families, and school communities, just like the other 11 books in the Humphrey series. The classroom setting is one everyone can relate to, and it’s fun to witness such a familiar environment through the eyes of a small, furry, golden hamster. Everything is much bigger. And much more exciting.

Humphrey has it all: he’s witty, he’s smart, he’s curious, he’s kind, and he’s hands down the most entertaining little hamster you’ll ever find to partner in adventure. Winter According to Humphrey is sure to delight all readers and is a fantastic choice for your One School, One Book read!