Ralph S. Mouse

by Beverly Cleary (1982)

Ralph, the mouse with the motorcycle, is back in his third (and presumably) final adventure. Author Beverly Cleary spaced out her Ralph books, introducing Ralph in 1965; penning a sequel in 1970; bringing him back one final time in 1982.

As Ralph and Cleary have been popular choices with One School, One Book and One District, One Book schools, we’re happy to make Ralph S. Mouse available with a full packet suite. Now your families can make the most of reading all three books in succession (that’s the culture of literacy) and your schools/districts can opt to revisit Ralph’s world three years running.

In Ralph S. Mouse, Ralph leaves the Mountain View Inn and vrooms off on his motorcycle, ending up in school. The charm of Ralph S. Mouse is provided by Ralph’s mouse-eye view of a children’s classroom. What is the teacher like?  What about the other adults?  Are there nice kids and mean kids? What do they think of mice? How much freedom will Ralph experience? These, of course, are the concerns every elementary school student experiences daily.  Hearing it from Ralph’s perspective makes everything fresh and possible again.

Children will enjoy being able to share with their parents that the characters in the book like Ryan and Brad are like some of their classmates.  And parents will benefit from allowing Ralph to help them to see the classroom from their children’s eyes, at least for 160 well-written pages . Very likely, parents will have their own stories to tell about when they were children and dealing with the Brads of their time.

That is what family literacy and One School, One Book are all about – sparking conversation and closeness, sharing stories and perspective across generations in families. You can use Ralph S. Mouse to start that conversation today.