Mysteries According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney (2012)

A Sweet Spot selection. 

Humphrey is back!

In Betty Birney’s 8th Humphrey novel, Mysteries According to Humphrey, Humphrey is presented with a mystery. More than one actually.  And solve them he must…

Along with Humphrey and the students of Room 26 and Longfellow School, your students will learn about mysteries, how to be alert for clues, how to use them to solve mysteries, and even about that famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

They’ll also experience the cognitive dissonance that occurs when a well-meaning substitute teacher arrives in a classroom for an extended period, bringing enthusiasm and creativity and verve, but a different style that is hard to adapt to and disrupts the classroom’s rhythm. Humphrey feels this dissonance acutely – and your students will, too.

It’s a healthy tension though. Humphrey has lots of friends in Room 26 – from Forgetful-Phoebe to Too-Helpful-Holly. Together they will try to deduce, What’s keeping the beloved Mrs. Brisbane from coming back?!

That’s the beauty of Birney’s Humphrey series. Students will recognize the classroom environment. There’s something from their own classroom and their own lives  in every Humphrey novel.  All students have faced an unsettling substitute teacher who is also funny and engaging.  Humphrey perseveres, using his resources, both mental and social, to navigate the tension and solve the mystery.

Along the way students will learn things like what ‘pizzazz’ is. They’ll fear – with Humphrey – the gym teacher’s shrill whistle. And of course they’ll badly want their own classroom pet.

There are always new and wonderful mysteries and discoveries in a Humphrey novel!