Lola Levine Is Not Mean!

by Monica Brown (2015)

A perfect little intro book.

Lola Levine is a confident 4th grader with a lot of winning qualities.  She loves soccer, loves being competitive, loves jumping on her bed, loves writing in her diary, loves all the ethnic food from her mixed heritage, and even leaves apology notes for her friends and family. When schoolmates taunt her for being ‘half and half’ – because her mother is Catholic and her father is Jewish – she responds: “I’m whole just the way I am.”

At school, Lola doesn’t understand why some people don’t think a girl can be best friends with a boy.  And she runs into trouble when her brand of soccer competitiveness is more than her peers can handle.  She does have friends who stick up for her and is eventually able to transform the accusation “Lola Levine is mean!” into a new proud nickname – Lola Levine, Soccer Queen.

Lola’s chapters are quick and clear and chock a block full of colorful and active reference points.  Do you know what shalom means?  Or what Lola’s real name, Dolores, means?  Or how to play doorway soccer?  And that’s just the first chapter!

Thanks to Lola’s pace and brevity, and coupled with its lean, rich chapters, Lola Levine is Not Mean! is a perfect introductory title to captivate and motivate less confident parent readers and their families.

Read Lola together and see if your intro families are not clamoring to read the 5 sequels…