Bookmarks Are People Too!

by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver (2014)

Bookmarks Are People Too! is the first book in the Here’s Hank series.
Hank is re-presented here for younger readers, but with all the hilarity and shenanigans from before.

Hank and his classmates are putting on a play for Children’s Reading Week, written by their teacher, Ms. Flowers. Hank is immediately excited, but he’s also pretty nervous about reading and memorizing the script. Hank has Dyslexia, just as in the Hank Zipzer series, although this is never explicitly stated. The sweetest part of this Intro Title is the relationship between Hank and his friend Frankie. Frankie is a great reader, speller, and friend; he’s always there to help Hank sound out a word.

Young children will relate to the students in Hank’s class; the attention-seeker, the new student, the spelling bee winner, and Hank himself. Hank is an unexpected hero; he has his downfalls, makes his mistakes, but ultimately saves the class play. The writing is funny and will delight children, especially the witty back-and-forth between Hank and Frankie.

Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver cleverly pepper real locations in New York City throughout the story. Young readers will identify with Hank and his friends – and learn something new from their different experiences.