by Andrew Clements (1992)

Frindle tells the story of Nick Allen, a curious, precocious, irreverent, creative, and stubborn boy who challenges his teacher (and authority in general) by inventing a new word, plotting to have it accepted by his school. His nemesis is his diligent, scholarly, patient, wise teacher, Mrs. Granger, who reveres the dictionary, but also has a sense of grace and perspective. All children will be amused by the classroom situations that Clements uses to move his tale along briskly. Hopefully, teachers and parents can manage the inventive irreverence towards authority that Nick may inspire in some students. Clements is a very popular contemporary author with today’s elementary school population. Frindle moves at a brisk pace, and will engage adults, too, with the ethical questions it poses – particularly the question of the right and wrong way to challenge authority.