Friendship According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney (2005)

An Intro and Sweet Spot selection. 

Read to Them schools can’t get enough of Humphrey the hamster – everyone’s favorite classroom pet. The diminutive psychologist manages to charm families and befriend students and school staff alike. He also seeks and learns life lessons and imparts his new found wisdom to the children and adults, students and families, at Longfellow School.

In Friendship According to Humphrey, Humphrey ponders just that – friendship. He questions what it is to be a friend. He observes students stumbling their way to friendship – and offers his trademark inconspicuous advice and interventions. He compiles a taxonomy of friendship – a valuable list detailing different kinds of friendship – a list all classrooms and families are sure to enjoy pondering. And he perseveres to strike his own friendship with his new found classroom companion – Og the Frog.

Schools and Districts that opt for Friendship According to Humphrey will be able to forge a brand new Aldo the Custodian monologue (fast becoming the most popular assembly idea) about, what else – friendship! You’ll find a complete set of Trivia Questions – including a burgeoning number of “Who Said?” questions that place students right in the heart of the book, and have them begging for “one more chapter.”

If you want to develop a culture of literacy in your families’ homes – there’s no better way than to keep reading about the Humphrey’s world. As Ms. Mac says, “You can learn a lot from taking care of another species.” And we say, you can learn even more from following the excellent moral example of Humphrey the hamster – everyone’s master friend.