Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger

by Jon Scieszka (2015)

A Sweet Spot selection. 

STEM alert!

Jon Scieszka’s flair and passion for writing for kids is in full flourish as he plots the scientific adventures of our favorite kid scientist, Frank Einstein. Well-known for his ability to make kids laugh, Scieszka succeeds yet again to entertain and educate his readers. The topic is electricity. And somehow Scieszka manages to teach readers more than the average high school science class. The story sizzles with scientific facts and information as it comes to life with fun and lovable characters.

Frank, kid-genius and inventor, has just discovered a way to create free electricity for the world! As he attempts to demonstrate his new invention, his arch nemesis, T. Edison, is trying to single-handedly take out the power supplies in Midville. Frank, along with his good friend Watson and robot comrades Klink and Klank, must track down and put a stop to the energy destruction. Together they will work to save their town and its energy sources.

Frank’s love of science, learning, and all things mechanical are an inspiration for kid nation. Klink and Klank provide us with the yin and yang of the robot world. Together they invite readers in and ignite their curiosity about electricity. Laugh and learn at the same time as you share in Frank’s latest adventure. Be ready to grab some magnets, wire, and miscellaneous supplies. Readers will be compelled to recreate and test Frank’s theories and experiments.

Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger will first entertain and then engage everyone to channel their inner scientist. This series is apt to encourage readers to question the way things work and discover how they, too, can experiment with science. Scieszka provides timely and relevant encouragement to learn and understand more about renewable energy sources while including some great characters and scientifically charged information.

Thank you Jon Scieszka for reminding us that learning can (and should) be fun! As Frank and his trusty friends and robot sidekicks work together to save Midville — will they be able to foil T. Edison’s diabolical plan?