Fenway and Hattie

by Victoria J. Coe (2016)

It sure is hard to be a dog.  If only his Humans knew the struggle. Phew! 

Fenway and Hattie is the story of a dog and his Humans, their understandings and misunderstandings. It is a charming tale of true dedication and friendship. Fenway and his favorite Short Human, Hattie, find a way to better understand one another. Readers will follow along as they both learn to see things from one another’s perspective.

Fenway is a perfectly passionate pooch that finds himself misunderstood by the Humans he lives with. His Humans don’t seem to understand that there are threatening squirrels lurking about and menacing delivery trucks that must be diverted! If only Fenway could get his Humans to understand his point of view. Faithful and persistent, Fenway spends his days protecting, playing, and problem solving on behalf of his Humans. Meanwhile, Fenway’s family is slowly learning to see things from his perception. 

Victoria J. Coe keeps young readers interested and engaged by telling the story in the first person – from Fenway’s perspective. We see the world – the backyard, the old house, the new house, the neighborhood, even elevators – through Fenway’s ears and eyes and, especially, nose. That makes the world of Fenway and Hattie fresh and new and keeps readers alert, curious, and empathetic.

Readers of all ages will be root for Fenway in his war against the squirrels. Families will roar with laughter at Fenway’s escapades and his learning experiences as he figures out his new house (with dog park included!) and dog school (sit for treats!). Fenway will inspire all Short Humans to stand up for what they believe, become a truly dedicated friend, and remember to always enjoy snack time. Fenway’s optimistic attitude is contagious and will help students, parents, and teachers learn to better understand and appreciate the perspective of others. 

Read to Them is proud to offer and recommend Fenway and Hattie, a tale that depicts loyalty, perseverance, and friendship, a tale that charms and delights. Who knows? More than one family may find themselves yearning for a canine companion – so they, too, can perceive the world through a dog’s eyes.