EllRay Jakes Walks the Plank!

by Sally Warner (2012)

How many ways can you get in trouble in 113 pages?

Eight-year-old EllRay is so loyal and protective of his four-year-old sister that he takes responsibility for killing the classroom goldfish, Zip.  Then, he hits a whole bunch of classroom turbulence when he… i) borrows Ms. Sanchez’s copy of Treasure Island and forgets to return it in time for her to read it aloud in class, ii) is accused of being too rough in a game of Octopus Tag, and iii) when water is spilt all over Ms. Sanchez’s class attendance notebook.

Despite each of these EllRay challenges, EllRay’s actions, in fact, speak louder than his classmate accusers’ relentless words. Somehow he manages to salvage and retain his solid reputation with his teacher and principal.  His teacher, Ms. Sanchez, sees him, like a geode, “a little rough on the outside, but beautiful and precious on the inside.”

Every child has moments when they recognize they are about to “walk the plank,” or face the consequences of their actions (real or imagined). EllRay Jakes walks the plank! offers readers story-length guidance on how to be brave, straight, and big-hearted, even when – or especially when – things get tough.  That’s why you keep reading EllRay Jakes!