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Dragons and Marshmallows

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The Zoey and Sassafras series provides a wonderful way to get young readers excited about science. The first book, Dragons and Marshmallows, cleverly introduces the scientific method in a memorable and exciting way. It’s a unique blend of logic and imagination, just as any good science experiment should be.  But, this story is far from a dry scientific lesson.  Instead, it adds a hefty dose of magic to make the story more appealing, all while staying true to its scientific principles.

Zoey is a young girl living on a farm with her parents and pet cat, Sassafras. Zoey’s Mom is a scientist with an extensive book collection. Zoey soon discovers that her Mom has been using her expertise to help injured magical creatures from the forest nearby. The excitement escalates when Zoey has to step in to help a baby dragon while her mom is away at a science conference.  Zoey, armed with her trusty Thinking Goggles, is up to the challenge with a little help from Sassafras.  Through an ongoing process of trial and error and some help from her mom’s science journals, Zoey and Sassafras show just how accessible and fun science can be.

Young children and their families will be inspired by Zoey’s determination and dedication to the scientific method.  And the fun continues beyond this title because Dragons and Marshmallows is part of a seven-book series.  Students will be eager to start the next one – and conduct their own experiments!

Note: Innovation Press, the publisher of Zoey and Sassafras, features a fabulous website chock full of creative and ambitious science extension activities your school can explore while reading Zoey and Sassafras:


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