Elementary: Great For All

Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur

Luke Sharpe

Financial Literacy


The All Ball:  a ball that converts from one sport to another with the click of a remote

The Sibling Silencer:  a device designed to put an end to the endless taunting from your siblings

The Flying Phone:  a cell phone that will fly to you when you have an urgent phone call

Are these inventions you can’t live without?  Want to know about the kids behind these inventions? Think you could come up with some inventions of your own? Read Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur by Luke Sharpe and find out how.

Billy Sure is a twelve-year-old boy with a mind for inventions. He and his best friend, Manny, have created a successful company called Sure Things, Inc. He’s even appeared on a late-night television show to promote his wildly popular invention. But, what will school be like when the inventor heads off to seventh grade? How will his life change and how will he handle the changes? Billy is lucky to have his best friend by his side, helping him through all of the changes he is facing. If only Billy can trust Manny enough to help him with the one thing that is really bothering him — a secret he is too scared to share.

Billy Sure is silly with its over-the-top humor, wacky situations, and whimsical doodles. But it’s more than that. Sharpe gets that being a kid means using your imagination to create anything you want and having the faith that you can make it happen. Billy Sure fosters this sentiment and inspires kids to get their creative juices flowing through Billy’s imagination and the nurturing support of the adults in his life:

“Do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.” — Mr. Gilamon, Billy’s principal

“The very essence of science is curiosity. Discovery. Invention.” — Mr. Palnacchio, Billy’s teacher

Billy Sure inspires kids by introducing the concept of owning your own business, promoting your products, and making the musings of your imagination come true. And by sprinkling in little words of wisdom along the way, Billy, Manny, and the adults in their lives teach readers that anything is possible. They may even inspire the next big kid entrepreneur at your school.

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  • Includes Financial Literacy resources