The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

by Chris Kurtz (2013)

A Sweet Spot selection. 

The Adventures of a South Pole Pig, A novel of snow and courage

Chris Kurtz’s The Adventures of a South Pole Pig enlightens. It shows that anyone can become who they are meant to be if they keep faith, determination, a positive mindset, and bravely work towards their goals.

Flora, the protagonist, is a pig with passion! She is a dreamer and her spellbinding spirit enlivens each page. She continually shows the people and animals around her how they underestimate her fortitude and ingenuity.  She’s cheeky and tenacious and…heroic.  She starts in a small town farm and travels across rough seas all the way to Antarctica.  Her tale is filled with adventures, a shipwreck, sled dogs – and misadventures.  Readers – students, families, and teachers alike – will find themselves rooting for Flora, the underpig, and her group of unwavering friends, Sophia (a cat), Oscar (a sled dog), and Aleric (a boy). There are icy moments, harrowing twists, and mesmerizing surprises. Flora will inspire your entire school to dream their way out of the pigpen!

If you are looking for a quirky book that highlights true teamwork, develops challenging and deepened friendships, and demonstrates how to approach setbacks and hurdles with sunny optimism and perseverance, look to the The Adventures of a South Pole Pig – another perfect choice for your school-wide, One School, One Book venture.  Who knows? You might even come away ready for bungee jumping!