Read to Them® is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization promoting family literacy.

Our mission is to create a culture of literacy in every home.

We do this by helping schools implement our One School, One Book® and One District, One Book® programs. Our programs encourage and enable reading together at home by providing every school with tools, resources, guidance, and support.

Read to Them educates families and schools on the benefits and importance of reading aloud at home. A growing body of research describes the complex and permanent effects of reading aloud. Children who are read to learn to read more easily and become better readers. Literacy skills provide the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity.

To further discover why we do what we do, check out the video of our story – How We Built Read to Them, One Book at a Time.

Contact Us

For all inquiries about Read to Them® programs please send an e-mail to

You’ll receive a speedy and informative reply from the appropriate Read to Them® staff member who can help you establish a community of readers in your school or district and a culture of literacy among all your families.

Where to Find Us

Read to Them®
2201 West Broad Street, Suite 206
Richmond, VA 23220

phone: (804) 367.3195
fax: (804) 367.3434

Meet Our Staff

See our Board Members
Kayla Aldrich
Kayla Aldrich, Programs Specialist & Newsletter

Sally Baynard
Sally Baynard, Florida Regional Rep

Deanna Brown
Deanna Brown, Regional Outreach Manager

Bruce Coffey
Bruce Coffey, Director of Programs

Mary Curcio
Mary Curcio, New York Regional Rep

Anne Curry
Anne Curry, Regional Outreach Manager

Christa Donohue
Christa Donohue, Executive Director

Ashley Gates
Ashley Gates, Director of Operations

Emily Gerber
Emily Gerber, Marketing Design Specialist

Sara Hudson
Sara Hudson, Programs Manager

Sue Patow
Sue Patow, Special Programs

Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith, Director of Communications and Development

Mary Jo Warwick
Mary Jo Warwick, Michigan Regional Rep