One School, One Book at Grass Lakes Middle School

Today, we bring you the great work going on at Grass Lakes Middle School in Michigan. Grass Lakes Middle read Because of Mr. Terupt from August to October and shared with us the activities used to promote interaction with the book.

We love seeing and sharing the positive outcomes of our One School, One Book programs!













In these photos, you can see just two of the classroom doors that were decorated by the students at Grass Lakes. The doors were voted on by the school employees, and the winning class received a popsicle party- what a great way to encourage your students to engage with a book!


The students also were able to participate in a Q & A with the author, Rob Buyea, via Skype. This allowed the students to communicate with the author they’ve been reading, and to ask questions and participate directly in a conversation about Because of Mr. Terupt. 

The students also participated in weekly trivia questions, were encouraged to interact with posters hung around the school, and participated in a final assembly, where they played games that related to the text.

Thank you for sharing your success with One School, One Book Grass Lakes Middle! We love hearing about experiences with our reading programs, please feel free to share them with us.



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