Read to Them Schools Receive Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Grants

Read to Them is incredibly honored to be selected as a Mother Cabrini Health Foundation grantee for 2022. Through this partnership, and the work of countless educators across the state, Read to Them is eager to continue to support vulnerable communities in each corner of New York. “As we look back at the compounding crises … Read more

Through the Lens of Quiet Courage

quiet – silent, noiseless, inaudible, low, soft, discreet, inobtrusive, soundless… courage – bravery, nerve, pluck, valor, daring, audacity, mettle, resolution, guts… At first glance, these words have no overlap, no lens-shaped area of commonality. And yet, if we use a sharper lens, we find that quiet can be an essential characteristic of courage. Lesa Cline-Ransome, … Read more

A Look at the 2022 ALA Youth Media Award Winners

We are fortunate to find ourselves in a golden age of children’s literature. With each year, the stories available to children of all ages are increasingly diverse, capturing a wide-range of experiences while respecting the emotional intelligence of young readers. Each January, the American Library Association (ALA) shares a slate of awards that recognize and … Read more