Our Fall 2018 Newsletter Is Here!

Our newest newsletter is officially here! Click here to download it. Check out some of the highlights below.

Students, families, and staff at Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts (JKSIA) have read 12 books together over seven years of One School, One Book. Quite an accomplishment!

JKSIA staff Lisa Miller, Sierra Ryan, and Michelle Desiree Lobato

Clues, hints, and posters appear around the school leading up to OSOB. The school has announced the title in a variety of ways, including through school assemblies, guest performances, and even movie trailers.

Clues, a Kenny and the Dragon trivia box, and JKSIA staff: Terri Gaussoin and Christy Sigmon

“Our youngest kindergarteners who once had the story read to them are now the proud big brother or sister who is reading aloud to their younger siblings”, explains Terri Gaussoin, teacher librarian. Read more about the school’s creative approaches and student feedback in the newsletter!

Artist Zach Davis with his mural

A former student at Berlin Intermediate School in Maryland painted a beautiful mural based off two One School, One Book titles. Students at Berlin Intermediate read Wonder last year and Fish in a Tree this fall.

The beautiful mural even got author Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s attention. She tweeted praise for students who read her book, Fish in a Tree, in both English and Spanish.

Author Asia Citro and her book Zoey and Sassafras

Have you heard of our new title Zoey and Sassafras, Dragons and Marshmallows? Read our interview with the author, Asia Citro. Zoey and Sassafras weaves together science and imagination in a creative story.

Student actors kick of The Lemonade War

Beaverdam Elementary School involved student actors in their kickoff assembly. The actors swore not to reveal the chosen book title to their classmates until the assembly. Beaverdam kicked off The Lemonade War by expanding on Read to Them‘s assembly ideas. 

Check out our full newsletter here for more about these stories, tips from the field, and the full Asia Citro interview.

Kathryn Starke’s Tips for Creating Lifelong Readers

“You cannot do anything without reading”, says Kathryn Starke, one of our fabulous literacy partners. We couldn’t agree more.

Kathryn Starke is a literacy advocate, author of the book Tackle Reading, and founder of Creative Minds Publications. She works tirelessly to advocate for reading, “we want all children to be able to feel successful as early as kindergarten and not already feel behind”.

She was recently interviewed on Laura Steward’s podcast It’s All About the Questions. Listen to the full segment here.

Kathryn educates adults on how to introduce reading to children. She and Laura discuss the best ways to engage children, “the more you talk with a child…you are increasing vocabulary, you are increasing language awareness, and all of these components are necessary for our little ones to become successful readers once they come to school”.

Any and all reading is great. Kathryn discusses the myth that students always need to be reading new and challenging books. She explains that reading anything, even billboards, is valuable practice. Reading is all around us!

Kathryn also introduces One School, One Book to Laura and talks about our growing statewide reading programs. She explains, “the whole goal is to create these communities that are reading together”. By reading together as a community we can create a culture of literacy. 

Find out how to “Tackle Reading” on Kathryn’s blog or follow her on Twitter.

Kathryn finishes the segment with this sentiment, “we have to be a lifelong reader and learner”. Great advice for all of us! Listen to the full clip here.


Two Books – One Exciting Video

Alice Smith Elementary School in Hopkins, Minnesota has taken One School, One Book to the next level. The school created a video that expertly shows the transformation that is possible during a school-wide reading event.

Alice Smith All-School Read from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.

Alice Smith ES chose to offer two books to students depending on grade level. Older students are reading I am Malala Younger readers received a copy of a picture book also written by Malala Yousafzai.

When schools tailor our program to their community the results are incredible. From making the right book choice to including everyone in creative ways – Alice Smith Elementary School is off to an awesome start.

Did you know we also offer supplementary picture books for The One and Only Ivan, Wonder, and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind? These beautifully illustrated books excite and involve even the youngest of readers! Send us a query or give us a call at 804.367.3195 for more information.

Happy reading Alice Smith ES!