The Diversity Gap

At long last, a new posted entry for the Counterpane – Read to Them’s blog, the place where you can read about and discuss the art of reading aloud and the joys of family literacy. Eager to see more diverse titles in children’s literature?  There are some awfully good ones out there, but read on to see where the real gap lies.  And join the conversation…

Dancing With Humphrey

Read to Them staff had the pleasure of attending a highly anticipated book reveal at South Anna Elementary school in Montpelier, Virginia. Cheers of excitement suffused the entire gymnasium as students were eager to see exactly what their #1school1book novel would be for the next several weeks. You can watch the video below to experience and dance with Humphrey and rock out with the children of South Anna Elementary school. It was truly a well-constructed assembly and book reveal. Congratulations to Hillary Billingsley and her team at South Anna Elementary school.

Our First ODOB Newsletter

Our very first One District One Book Newsletter is finally here! This first issue of the One District One Book newsletter spotlights two districts that have succeeding in spreading family literacy throughout their community. It also includes a link to a featured article in the AASA newsletter. Districts that read together, grow together. “The greatest oaks have all been little acorns.”

Literature vs. Racism

Five teenagers defaced a historic black schoolhouse in Ashburn, Virginia. Sad? Yes. Jailtime? No. The judge and prosecutor sentenced them to twelve months of book reports instead of jailtime! And what a reading list they created! Can literature help open the eyes and change the minds of these five miscreants? Read all about it in the New York Times story here.


Read to Them‘s One District, One Book program is featured in the new February issue of AASA’s School Administrator.

“You’re the man with the books!”  That’s what kids in Irving, TX say when they see dynamic Irving ISD Superintendent José Parra.


The article highlights the work of…

Lake Hamilton ISD Superintendent Steve Anderson in Pearcy, Arkansas.

Irving ISD Superintendent José Parra in Irving, TX.

Ponca City Public Schools Superintendent Dave Pennington in Ponca City, Oklahoma.



“We started getting pictures sent in by parents on Facebook, at home with their children reading about Humphrey…We had not only mom and dad reading, we had aunts, uncles and grandparents.” – Steve Anderson

“If I can connect them to an experience they can take with them for the rest of their lives and enjoy, then mission accomplished.” – José Parra

“Any time you can sit down with the family and turn the TV off for a few minutes and gather your kids up and read to them or have them read to you, that’s a positive.”  – Dave Pennington


You can read – and pass on! – the full article here


New Newsletter is Here

The newest One School, One Book newsletter is here.  It features details from the Read Every Day experience in Weirton, WV; an interview with Grace Lin, author of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon; and a feature on RTT‘s Multicultural Education Specialist, Maia Kling.

In our next issue, look for our newest feature, Tips from the Field, featuring hands-on tips and recommendations from participating OSOB experts.

Read the Winter Newsletter!

How to OSOB

Thomas Jefferson E.S. in Yorktown Heights, NY explains how they set up their very first One School, One Book program.  Among the highlights…

  • they gave copies of Charlotte’s Web to their bus drivers, too
  • they previewed their first title with a sneak-peak commercial
  • parents have been sending in pics from home of their families reading together
  • teachers post students vocabulary work from Charlotte’s Web outside their classrooms
  • one student is quotes as saying she and her family as so busy they don’t get to see or talk to each other – except when they are reading Charlotte’s Web!

Watch their new School District video!

And follow the rest of their OSOB experience with Charlotte’s Web on Facebook.

Our newest title…

Is a doozie!

Chock full of humor, hijinks, lessons learned the hard way, ornery sisters, demanding teachers, mouth-watering cream puffs, New York Yankees, and choice Shakespearean curses culled by a 7th grader.

You can find all that in Gary D. Schmidt’s The Wednesday Wars – and that’s why it’s our newest Middle School title – designed to provoke and intrigue adolescents with all manner of interests – and their teachers – and even their parents.

You can read more about the Wednesday Wars here.

And more about our growing range of Middle School titles here.

“Toads, beetles, and bats!”


Charlotte is Coming

Another great OSOB preview video.  This one from Thomas Jefferson E.S. in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Check out their 5 minute preview video – designed to build excitement for their coming OSOB selection – E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

You can tell they’re all into it – students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

You can share this video with other schools to show them how to set up and build anticipation for their OSOB selection.

And look for more updates from Yorktown Heights on Twitter and Facebook.