Mastering the Medium

Our newest Counterpane blog post is here! RTT Director of Programs, Bruce Coffey, suggests how and why we can learn to stay present in our digital age. “I believe there’s a wave cresting and I think you want to be on it,” he says, offering a solution for how all of us – adults, teenagers, and students – … Read more

An Update On AROB

This spring, schools in Little Rock and all across Arkansas have been participating in the novel Family Financial Literacy program, Arkansas Reads One Book. What is Family Financial Literacy?  That’s when a whole school community, district, or state (!) reads a fine, quality children’s novel together, exploring its themes and sparking a rich community-wide conversation.  (That’s … Read more

AROB on the Radio

Gary Anderson and Mike Poore Discuss Financial Literacy on Education Talk Radio On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Little Rock School District’s superintendent, Mike Poore, and Associate Director of Economics Arkansas, Marsha Masters, discussed the importance of a introducing the principles of financial literacy into children’s education.  They were joined by Read to Them founder, Gary Anderson.  The … Read more