The Diversity Gap

At long last, a new posted entry for the Counterpane – Read to Them’s blog, the place where you can read about and discuss the art of reading aloud and the joys of family literacy. Eager to see more diverse titles in children’s literature?  There are some awfully good ones out there, but read on to see where the real gap lies.  And join the conversation…

Dancing With Humphrey

Read to Them staff had the pleasure of attending a highly anticipated book reveal at South Anna Elementary school in Montpelier, Virginia. Cheers of excitement suffused the entire gymnasium as students were eager to see exactly what their #1school1book novel would be for the next several weeks. You can watch the video below to experience and dance with Humphrey and rock out with the children of South Anna Elementary school. It was truly a well-constructed assembly and book reveal. Congratulations to Hillary Billingsley and her team at South Anna Elementary school.

Our First ODOB Newsletter

Our very first One District One Book Newsletter is finally here! This first issue of the One District One Book newsletter spotlights two districts that have succeeding in spreading family literacy throughout their community. It also includes a link to a featured article in the AASA newsletter. Districts that read together, grow together. “The greatest oaks have all been little acorns.”